Tuesday, January 25, 2005

In the shower

Postructural stuff is not about trying to win the argument.
When I said incite change... Yes, it's ongoing and inevitable.
But we can enhance it and control it to some degree.
Look, my dear Thelonious, if I relate to you as if you are sub-human scum of the earth (as I am, purportedly) then I have entered into a particular kind of relation with you.
And it presupposes a whole range of attitudes and beliefs that I carry around with me in the world.
So change, even seemingly small beer, is a big deal.
We want to knock down the church and state? How about the church and state already in our heads?! That's the first place to start because it's not separate from what's 'out there'. Your head is already out there. There is no 'out there'.
You live in the world and what you think or do is already a part of that.
So, you already incite change with your posters, for example.
Always already on the way.
I was in the shower thinking something this morning but I can't remember what it was.
I wash away the ideas with my bodily secretions every morning, and it all swims out to sea to mix with the other scum.


At 11:20 am, Blogger Dave Pullen said...

Yeah I didnt neccesarily mean that you win, I just find it hard coming to terms with an argument were no ones actually right or wrong and yet we both understand that soemone is a little bit more right. Even though its not about that! I guess its just part of an automatic tendency to polarise things. I'll attempt to change that maybe.
But this change of ideas in ones head. I feel that can be done up until the point where one comes into face to face combat (conversation) with higher members of our society. My father for instance, is not the most intellegent man but controls his family no matter what their view. My views become secondary and indeed childish in comparison to him. If I change my views about how a family shouldn't be dominated by one unjustified force, that doesnt nesacarily change it next time I see him. Even when I confront him, it seems now that I've been excommunicated from the family.
If it is true that ideas might be classed by a system of social status instead of merit, I'm not sure changing ones views is enough. We've already done that. The Andrew commented on the need to bring down the church and state; we're thinking of methods to make our mental changes more public. And it seem that any ideas or method we can have are deemed childish. One massive problem we have is that our political climate deems "leftist" ideas to be childist in comparison to liberal capitalism. Does anyone really takes the socialist alliance seriously except nutcases and people like Fev who are trying to get into the nickers of 16 year old girls.
Why are people with ideas of change so easily disempowered? Do we actually have to wait until we are middle aged and can dominate the next generation to be able to incite change on a real level? And what if a democritisation of power both politacally and socially is on the agenda, why is it one needs to take power to actuallise this? Which kind of defeats the point.
Foucault did and Chomsky does have both theoretical and demonstrative methods to institute change. But they are intellectual giants; who are we?
Heres my blog- www.thedoomsday.net.tc I enjoy your brain, and The Andrews too. Heres another cool guy- http://braveourburbs.blogspot.com/

At 4:20 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey poida nicearms,

me workin' at hobart fringe festival, havin' fun. love your current blog entry.

see you when i return,

charles venus


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