Wednesday, June 20, 2007

francis bacon appreciation society

Has anybody noticed how swell photobooths are?
I've taken to having pictures of myself taken at the old black and white photobooth located outside Flinders Street Station.
One time, late one night, I was joined by a young woman who shared my enthusiasm for black and white photobooth self portraiture. She mentioned that she and a few friends of hers had spent about fifty bucks on having their photos taken in one stint and that Andy Warhol routinely used photobooths. Francis Bacon did the same.
I'm always surprised at my appearance. That's one of the reasons why I like having my photo taken: get's me as much as possible outside of my own subjectivity and into another's.
I used to avoid putting my picture up on my blog because I was wary of boneheads being able to identify me. Now I don't care.
I look tired.
My next post will be a harrowing tale of police brutality and state oppression. True story.
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At 1:09 am, Anonymous tired said...

Hey Dreck, this?

At 12:29 am, Anonymous jock said...

the photo in the bottom row, 2nd from the right, is a masterpiece. were you wearing a black jumpsuit for the local community theatre rehearsal of cats on the day? it would have been lovely to see your hands positioned like cat claws. oh the cheek!
meow meow,


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