Sunday, January 30, 2005

Shifty eyes

Went for a swim in a caldera today, not twenty minutes outside of the centre of town.
What kind of a brilliant town has a swimming hole like that?!
A town that has little tolerance and culture, unfortunately.
Because it's a little town!
Had dinner with the parents tonight.
Mum's on my side in the war to win back my father's heart.
The war's already won really. The challenge is to establish some kind of new rapport with the old man and mostly that's up to him because I haven't changed how I operate!
Coming out, like any other process is simply a matter of Doing and living with the consequences.
It's all productive.
We had a toast for some reason at dinner and nobody looked anyone in the eyes.
Still, it gets easier.
Never forget: it all always gets easier. Even when it's getting harder, the net effect is that its all getting easier.
Never forget!
Keep looking.
With those shifty eyes.


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