Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Went to the Eyes, Lies and Illusions exhibition at ACMI recently.
It's an exhibition that showcases contraptio
ns from the renaissance through to today that (there's no other word for it) bedazzle the viewers' visual perceptions into seeing things appear in strange ways.
It's actually quite hard to describe or explain in general. But to give you an idea about what the exhibition contained, the picture here is an example of anamorphosis. Specifically, it's called Clover Anamorphosis with Conical Mirror. The conically shaped mirror in the middle sort of bends the line and colour field around it so that it appears as a clover leaf.
Pretty clever.
Reminds me of some Coil cover art.
The exhibition is well worth checking out. It contains dancing stroboscopic zombies.
now playing: adrian klumpes - unrest

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