Saturday, December 09, 2006

kid koala and me

Wow! What a night I had last night.
I'd been hanging out so bad for the last two months: Kid Koala and Amon Tobin were due to perform at the Prince of Wales Band Room!
I'm not going to go into detail about Amon Tobin's performance because for the half hour I saw, I almost suffered a mild depression at the poor standard of his set. Disappointing from such a great music maker.
But who cares? Because that maestro of the turntable: the indomitable, the irrepressible, the incomparable Kid Koala completely reigned supreme over the whole domain of music (that's right!) for the duration of his one hour+ set.
He had the packed out audience eating out of the palm of his hand with his crazy mix of slick deejaying and expert turntabling, all with extra helpings of good humour and friendly engagement with the audience. So swell.
His new album, 'Your Mom's Favourite Dj' is jolly good, by the way. You should do yourself a favour and buy it. You'll thank yourself. Seriously.
Anyway, I had a second highlight for the night, beside the supreme excellence of the music. I was really privileged to be able to talk to Kid Koala himself and thank him for his performance as I was leaving.
I started with an effusive, "Thanks for tonight! Your set was wonderful!" and the friendly guy put his hands together in front of him and bowed his head.
Then I said, "My mum sends you her regards." To which he chuckled. And then I remembered, "Oh and my friend Asha asked me to thank you for saving Buck 65's life!"
To which he laughed again and said, "Buck 65's my man, I couldn't let him drown!" And as I shuffled off I was rewarded with a handshake.
Kid Koala. What a swell guy.
now playing: kid koala - slewtest 1 / lunch with pavlov

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