Sunday, November 05, 2006

the nature of makhno was ... irrepressible

It's the return of Captain Pus Head.
My cat Makhno got into a fight on Monday and when he returned home he appeared rather sore and subdued. His mood remained withdrawn for the week and my flatmate found some kind of little weird growth on the top of his head.
About five minutes after I inspected it, I noticed there was a little bit of stinking light brown pus oozing out of that spot on his head.
Naturally, I took him to the vet and $106 later, this was the result. The disinfectant ran over his face a little bit and the top of his head is all shaved and
wounded. His sparky personality has returned with a vengeance and he keeps trying to smooch and rub his crusty head against my face. Eewww.
Given how fucked up his head looks, I think his assailant must have looked like this fellow just above. Unfortunately, can't credit the slap up.
Leigh was really cute on my birthday. He came into the loungeroom weilding a muffin with a lone lit candle sticking out of its top. Nice. And some nice new cargoes. Great.
Just saw Children of Men. Fucking fantastic. Best film of the year.


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