Saturday, September 16, 2006

music for babies

I just bought a CD from Collector's Corner, one of the best ever CD shops I've had the pleasure of frequenting.
'Big deal,' you may well say. And for you, it ain't a big deal but this is my blog so shut the fuck up or stop reading. The CD is an album called turn the dark off by Howie B, master trip hopper and occasional producer of bjork, u2, skylab and soulIIsoul, and I got it for $5 too (why do I always mention the price?).
Anyway, my purchase of the album reminded me of the fact that I'd listened to it seven years ago when I was in Melbourne for a holiday and I'd decided I didn't want to buy it for $30 even though I thought it was alright (although a little bit disappointing after his amazing debut music for babies).
Anyway, in the fullness of time the album came back to me and a good'n it is too. Nice.
And then I remembered that there's an ace filmclip directed by Run Wrake that I've been dying to see for about ten years from music for babies and thank dog for you-tube because here it is in all its glory. Nice.


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