Sunday, September 03, 2006


I've been busy again.
Lots of exciting things have been happening and some not so good things
I'm not sure if I mentioned our cat Makhno. He's a talkative little fellow who we adopted from the Lort Smith Animal Hospital for cheap. It's a really good service here in Melbourne, where prospective parents of homeless kitties pay $60 for a cat that has been immunised, cleared of cat HIV, micro-chipped, de-sexed, wormed and registered. Much better than buying a cat from a pet shop.
The hospital also has a dog kennel with a similar system.
As you can see, we're training Makhno to go to the toilet in the toilet. It's really funny to see him go in such a manner (obvoius references to meet the parents abound).
I have started work at the 'Royal' Melbourne Institute of Technology Student Union as a student rights officer, which is in keeping with my qualifications and
experiences to some degree. Very happy there.
I have a house inspection tomorrow, which sux.
I've started training to be a helpline operator and my trainers tell me that I don't go into feelings enough but I'm not convinced.
I'm on the verge of starting a band with some talented friends too. Thinking of the name 'Pearls Before Swine'. Sounds like a good band name don't you think?
Why does this blog entry sound like a group email?
I may go down to Hobart in Tasmania this week. Dad's up for a triple bypass so maybe I should put in an appearance. Been meaning to go down there for a while now anyway...
My bro Dave came up from Tas to Melboure last week for a visit, which was great. I'll blog something more relevant and interesting next time.

Tune of the moment: Coil - Christmas is now drawing near


At 12:16 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh pete,
i check yr blog more often than you may think to see where yr at.
guess ill just email you to get an update on yr life,
xx lego


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