Sunday, August 20, 2006

do it yourself or do yourself in

I had an interesting evening this eve.
I went around to a friend's place this afternoon and hung out with him until we went to an open mic night at the cafe around the corner.
I invited my talented Northern Irish friend to come along and read his brilliant poetry, which he did. He, in turn, invited his talented friend along and she spontaneously picked up someone elses guitar and sang Autumn Leaves in a truly beautiful voice. And another jazz standard, although I don't know which one. She got me to back on the djembe but seeing as I had never used this particular djembe before and I haven't drummed much at all in the previous year and a half I was a little disappointed with my skills.
Still, I shat all over the the hippies there who couldn't keep a rhythm if it was superglued to their foreheads.
Actually, another performer who has African heritage and sings like Nicolette, only better, lent me the djembe so I started practicing/warming up only to be aggresively told off by this ugly, incapable and unfunny wank stain for interrupting his set. The problem was that he hadn't introduced himself and sounded so totally shitola that I thought he was just practicing. So when he told me off I stood my ground and threw his shit back at him. He backed down.
And then proceeded to drone and moan his chronic lack of ability onto the audience for a good half hour.
People who can't sing and can't play the guitar but who think they can and insist on tormenting an unwitting audience need to have their fingers cut off and their vocal cords severed. Seems fitting.
Or at least, I wish I'd brought some rotten tomatoes with me.
More unfortunate hippy action happened later tonight after the show:
Some peops were talking vaguely about 'how fucked the world is' and this one youngster sagely offered these words of wisdom to rapturous wonderment:
"People are talking about the forces of darkness but what we need to do is show them the light."
Like the light shining out of your anus, perhaps?
Could you
simultaneously be any more vague, stupid and rhetorical, dipshit?
Why did I stay silent?
Several good things came out of tonight and not just some fellowship with some good friends.
One of them is that I have made a good new acquaintance and will be performing with her again this coming Wednesday at another open mic night but this time with my
The other is that that I have a book of my talented friend's poetry so if any editors out there reading this are interested in some no bullshit quality poetry drop me a line.
Now Playing: Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
(Thanks Ali)


At 9:17 pm, Blogger Dave Pullen said...

Sounds like a good evening indeed! And it's great that you're playing music again. You really needed to destroy the "forces of Darkness" guy though. Or at least just point out that his statement was meaningless. I guess you were probably about too when you we're interupted by half the room saying "yah man" in response to his wisdom.

At 9:23 pm, Blogger Dave Pullen said...

I think theres something wrong with the link to my site too?

At 1:54 am, Anonymous Ali said...

You're welcome. I hope that someday you too shall pass it on, grasshopper. (Did I give you any Sufjan Stevens yet?)


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