Tuesday, April 18, 2006

city slab horror

I'm trying to write a job application but I'd rather sing the high praises of Severed Heads instead as I'm listening to their music, which they provide for free, at the moment and am re-inspired by their brilliance as I was many (not that many) years ago when I was an undergraduate, staying up early writing award winning assignments whilst listening to the Heds' amazingly shimmering sonic brilliance FOR FREE! such as their early tunes from '83 up to their 90's b-sides and remixes and still they continue to innovate and astound, oh yes, and all this for free, but of course if you're fanatical like I am it's just not the same unless you buy their cd's over the net, home made as they are and touched by the hand of genius, albeit it demented and 'ravaged by the insults of time'.
track of the moment: we have come to bless the house


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