Wednesday, April 05, 2006

da bomb

While I was working today, I heard a regular, steady beeping noise coming from one of the shelves. My first thought was that it was a bomb. Stupid. Of course, I investigated and turned off the alarm clock somebody had set. Initially it bothered me that my very first reaction was of the 'alert not alarmed' variety.* But then I realised it's completely normal for a worker in my position to pray for some major scale calamity to fuck up their employer.
*FYI: 'Alert not alarmed' refers to an advertisement campaign initiated by the Howard Government in order to arouse overt fear and hatred of Muslims, and people from the Middle East in
general, here in Australia. This and other measures (such as the introduction of a Homeland Security portfolio to investigate suspected terrorist activity) have been successful in achieving just that.

And check out CONELRAD (where I got the following picture from) for your recommended daily intake of oddly humorous early Cold War insanity. It'll also enlighten you about Gene Hackman's early career...


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