Saturday, March 04, 2006

Witness the Shitness

After watching Capote the other week (which, of course, is a superb film), I had a drink with the people with whom I went to see the film at Percy's, on the corner of Lygon and Elgin Streets, Carlton. Just up from Cinema Nova. Long sentences with poor syntax...
Yes, yes...
So, we were about to leave the pub and go our separate ways when this sixty-something year old man in a suit started shouting at the bartender, telling her, "Go home you bitch, this is Australia!" and "You whore, I know when I've had enough to drink!" and the like (she's from Germany).
One of the friends I was with goaded him and the drunk man's drunk friend, who seemed to be enjoying himself, came up to us and said, "He's a lawyer! Just tell him to shut up and he will. He respects that."
So my friend said, "Oh, you're a lawyer, are you? You must be a very sad and lonely man."
To which he replied, "You slut! I've defended more mother's who've killed their children than..." and then he trailed off into a drunken mash of slurred phonemes,
swaying in a breeze only he could feel, all aggressive and in her face.
So, throughout the course of this little altercation, the drunk and abusive man claimed to be
Michael Rafter, the defence lawyer for Greg Domaszewicz, the man who was eventually found guilty of killing one year old Jaidyn Leskie, if memory serves me correct.
I think his soul is bleeding...
Nasty bastard.

But to liven up this blog entry, here's a picture that was linked to Neil Gaiman's blog.
It's about Russian cats who can perform circus tricks.
There are some people who think it's inhumane.
But what's so wrong about cats dancing on their hind legs, I ask you?


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