Tuesday, November 08, 2005

gay gayness

Well, finally!
Got the photos of the Bite party that I helped throw - both with the set up and with the operations on the night.
Bite is a kinda queer publication that me and some friends here in Melbourne have made.
We fund it through these wild, debauched and fun parties that we hold.
I did a rather raunchy cage dance number with
my flatmate and a friend of ours. Seriously, it was hot. I think we surprised some of the audience with our audacious routine, which, for me, culminated in kissing my flatmate's bare arse. I also got to see footage of the performance and I am somewhat embarrassed. I don't move in the ways I think I do. Anyway, it was funny, fun and oddly liberating... Weird. Unfortunately, I drank too much after taking a cold and flu tablet and the whole night turned out to be a blur. But the party was a smashing success and no mistake!
Above is my boyfriend with his arm around me at my recent birthday dinner.

Below are Bite party photos. Massive cheers to Bec for them.

the Shocker

already scorchin' before the action
really got going

Some random cool guy

Killa on the prowl and lookin' damn fine!

In the cage


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