Thursday, October 27, 2005

severed heads will roll

Severed Heads! YEAH!
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I just saw on TV a very young child's face being peeled off their skull and then put back on.
What qualifies for entertainment these days is truly fucked up...
Between so called real life medical dramas and The Biggest Loser (a 'reality tv' show where a bunch of fat arse contestants compete against each other to lose weight) and endless cop shows - the pickin's are slim on commercial stations.
I've spent the last eight months letting my brain go to waste, filling it up, as I have done, on the trashiest trash that ever was inflicted on the public and I've nothing left to show for it except for a creeping lobotmised condition.
I really must get back into higher education.
I have sent in a proposal for a presentation I would like to conduct at Monash's Colloquium '05 in early December. I want to talk to a bunch of people I don't know about my Philosophy Honours thesis. I did my thesis on comparing the late Wittgenstein and the early Merleau-Ponty, seeing what they had to say about consciousness, the body and culture and the way these three things interact (because they are not discreet) in the case of cognitive 'acts' like 'learning' and 'knowing'. Their language is different but their conclusions are similar and quite surprising.
I hope they let me speak! That would be great.
And Frederic Jameson will be a guest speaker at the colloquium too. I would love to hear what he has to say these days about Capitalism.
Speaking of which, my radio show is going well.
I get to interview refugees who have spent time at the now defunct Woomera detention centre. Truly amazing. I could see that my guest bears a lot of pain.
'My' Government and 'my' country disgust me. How could we have such disdain for other people. How does having a different skin tone preclude one from even just a base level of respect, dignity and human rights?
A bunch of protesters throwing eggs and pies and collectively knocking on the outside of a building will never accomplish much...
I have to hand in my dole form tomorrow.


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