Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Musique Concrete

I just bought a cd. Or two actually.
It's a double album of Jack Dangers doing his Tape Lab thing on one disc as well as his Meat Beat Manifesto thing on the other (Loudness Clarifies).
I'm listening to its Tape Lab MUSIQUE CONCRETE disc for the first time and in my head phones whilst writing this blog entry.
I always thought that this is what musique concrete would sound like: random found sounds and bleepy noises hacked up and put together in no discernible order, with the occasional splash of somebody else's muzak thrown into the background for extra creepy effect. Think, electric blendered radio transmissions from beyond the grave and space and time. Think sonic
suspended animation. Think uneasy listening. Hear and feel the use of space in sound.
I have Alec Empire's 'Les Etoiles Des Filles Mortes' (trans; the stars of dead girls [or dead girl's stars]) and it's kinda similar.
I think I prefer Dangers to Empire, although some of Empire's tracks are a bit more accessible and - dare I say it - conventionally musical.
I'm looking forward to the pop music disc, which I'll let you know about as soon as I get to it.
(INTERLUDE: one of my flatmates diverted my attention for a moment, asking me to look for the steamer cover, which appears to have gone missing from the kitchen and this plane of existence in general. I couldn't find it.)
well the Loudness Clarifies disc is bouncier to say the least but it's less interesting than the not so inspiring (although with a few really swell moments) 2003 album R.U.O.K? also by Dangers.
Oh for the brilliance of Subliminal Sandwich!
and to think i could have bought an album that also contains dangers but also dj spooky and dalek and vernon reid and chuck d or mias album arular
Speaking of music that's not as good as it used to be, a friend of mine is coming up from Tasmania to see NIN perform tonight in Melbourne and he's giving me a free ticket to go see it with him!
Swell! Regardless of how crap Trent's music is these days, seeing the band live will be brilliant and I used to think the world of Trent. His music really was inspired and inspiring in the early and mid-nineties. Amazing stuff.


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