Monday, February 07, 2005

What goes round

I took a bus to Hobart this weekend just past.
Unfortunately, a young woman decided she wanted to sit next to me and talk.
I politely obliged for a while but I really wasn't in the mood and so I decided to try various different techniques to shuck her off.
Rude of me, to be sure.
First, I decided to talk too much about me and to blow my trumpet something furious.
Next, I started talking in a depressed way about how what I attempt never really works. I applied this principle to significant areas of my life (note the sudden contrast to the first method).
Next, I started talking about philosophy and Jewish mysticism in particular.
None of these three worked. She wasn't interested but she kept asking questions anyway.
I then asked her questions about her life in relation to these things but asked slightly inappropriate questions about them. Inappropriate, insofar as I read things into what she was saying that didn't really follow from what she had said (nothing rude).
This didn't seem to annoy her though.
The point is, I was trying to weird her out. And I was entirely unsuccessful.
Another thing is, she was slightly rude. Faintly critical, you could say, right from the start of the conversation.
I managed to piss her off finally with a discussion of my ex-quasi girlfriend's burning pubic hair on video.
After that she would not engage in conversation with me. At all. I wonder what she told her friends about the experience.
I do this sometimes: I was being an arsehole.
And so was she.
What goes round, goes round and round and round and...


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