Thursday, February 03, 2005

There's A Party In Your Mouth And, Yeah, I Wanna Come

Sex is politics, n'est-ce pas?
Try this then.
I'm a (figuratively speaking) gonna skull fuck with extreme prejudice anyone who spouts the tired old adolescent platitudes of the evils of capitalism and the righteousness of Marx and various forms of anarchism, eco-ism etc.
Or the opposite we hear on tv and radio from the mono culture party megamarsupial LABORLIBERALIS AUSTRALOMYTHICO
Setting up dichotomies is rather moronic and lazy and it's time to hold on to real day to day values that make sense without obfuscating them with the trendy catch phrases one reads in the obligatory pissed off and intelligent loner, paranoid youth library of destruction and anti-establishment or the 'I only care about me' moral turpitude of the children of the eighties, nineties, 'noughties' and the so-called neo-liberal/new right (some of whom are recycled marxists [Jim Bacon may you rot in Hell!]).
Let's fuck things in new and interesting ways.


At 11:00 pm, Blogger Rosemary Jane said...

Hey man,
What’s with the negative ‘tude? Them’s punk rock fighting words!
I dig.


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