Monday, August 15, 2005

de factoids

Yes, that's right.
I've moved in to my boyfriend's bedroom after four or so months of actually going out with him.
It's going well so far - but no surprises there.
And yes, we are a bricolage of miscellaneous superfluities, trivialities and other neoplasms.
It's strange though, because it's not at all strange. I always thought that a relationship (let alone being a de factoid) would be something that I would not be good at and that it would be something of a struggle. I guess that's because most of the relationships that I have
previously attempted had been ones that go against my strongest desires (and those desires are pretty strong).
Anyway, I have yet to move into the bedroom properly yet, although the bed is my domain! That was lame...
It's good when things go well.
We had a party in the house this weekend just past because it was my boyfriend's birthday. There was plenty of snogging on the dance floor and lots of vodka spilt and stolen.
The highlight of the night was the best ever birthday gift I've seen anyone receive - an unknown woman came in and stopped the dancing to wish a happy birthday and then proceeded to light the tassles attached to her nipples and swing them around in front of the birthday boy's face. It was really impressive. And I'm jealous. No one's ever given me a gift half as cool as that!
So things, you could say, are pretty normal all in all.
Nice, nice, very nice.


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