Monday, February 21, 2005

Hunter S. Thompson - Rest In Peace (or whatever)

Bad news all you heathen swine!
The man who epitomised the seeming oxymorons of rational excess and insanity, the singular man who could legitimate fear and loathing as political expression, the man most adept at surfing The Absurd, the man who spanned four decades of radical conservatism with the most damning insight and criticism, the only man who could legitimate (in my eyes at least) the irresponsible handling of firearms! -
Ecce homo -
Hunter S. Thompson (no less) -
committed suicide just the other day.
or was it today? who cares!?
the 67 year old whose expansive ramblings, rantings and writings had the unmistakeable smacks of harmless untruths and harmful truths (which is more than we can so of most - if any) shot himself.
which is an entirely appropriate way out for one so way out.
god's mercy on you, you swine!


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