Sunday, September 18, 2005

Arse of the Self

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Totalising world views...

Foucault talks about arts of the self...
I think in my case, arse of the self makes more sense.
In fact, as the above picture suggests, I think sometimes I have my head stuck up my arse - but that picture is really just an adornment to this entry and not an appropriate illustration to what I am talking about.
I often try to impress but end up being unimpressed by the lack of an appreciative reception and lash out at others or try too hard to fit in.
I don't think we're in high school anymore, Toto!
My boyfriend is really good at arts of the self. So much more post modern than he realises... He'll learn!
I think this is one of the things I don't like about Foucault: his french pretentiousness. It's not hard to see why a bunch of fags would get into the guy.
Drama. Persona. Put on.
Go Deleuze and Guattari any day.


At 5:49 pm, Blogger Dave Pullen said...

I was feeding yuor blog a while ago but must of lost the feed after a reinstall of windows or something and then i forgot about you! But i've re-feeded myself here, and will peruse every word that comes out of your deformed little fingers hence forth. I've moving to a house on nixon st on the weekend, just round the corner from yuor old house o king st. Ah Nixon...........


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