Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Autechre Appreciation Society

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I just had a funny thought about what it would look like if a bunch of people who love autechre and other like-minded artists got together and listened to music and swapped albums and so on.
Here's why it would be funny:
The music listening would involve people smoking pot and lying down, trying to get maximum comfort and sound proximity in order to osmotically absorb the sounds into their central nervous system to become one with the sine waves and the music swapping wouldn't happen because, "Dammit! I need ten copies of Tri Repetae just in case nine of them spontaneously combust!" A fate worse than death.
Still, maybe an electronic version of society could be invoked here.
Some kind of notice board set up for people who make cool music and like autechre and associated groups to talk shit together. Shit very few people seem to understand or want to talk about. Such as the ideas that underpin the music autechre makes and so on.
I feel so isolated.
Above is a picture of the boys.
...They still float my boat...


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