Monday, November 07, 2005


Ever wanted to see George Bush in pain?
Well here's your chance! Click for Joy.
Just click yr mouse to refresh and watch him go down hard.
The physical mechanics are excellent!
Reminds me of this Scandinavian game I used to play on the computer called Porrasturvat (stair dismount [pictured above]). It's available for free download, as is its sequel Rekkaturvat (truck dismount) from the same site. Lots of sadistic fun for the whole family.
If I don't describe these games, it's because I don't want to spoil the surprise!
Ok, ok! The first link up the top about George is a little random animation that shows George falling on to spheres. As I said, the physical mechanics are quite realistic. A body would mostly fall and bounce the way you see him do.
Thanks for the link, Dave!
Porrasturvat is a little game that involves pushing a human body down from the top of a flight of stairs, replete with screams and crunching noises as the little fella falls. You get to control what part of its body, the force and the direction of your push. You also get points for inflicting max damage (aim for extreme head trauma!).
Rekkaturvat is more of the same but with a truck, a wall and more variables to play with.
And both games come with great music too!
And it's free!
Here are another two sites/clips that I think are funny and got from
Paris Hilton facial (not as it sounds and much funnier).
Hysterical Interviewing Techniques 101 (don't laugh when your guests are talking about something serious and emotional!).


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