Monday, February 20, 2006

Care Bear II: Son of Care Bear - The Reckoning

Starring Peter Coyote as Warren Entsch, Liberal Party MP

Right, so remember the interview we did on 3CR Radio with the Liberal Party MP?
"No, I wasn't listening that day," they say (I never listen to 3CR, myself...).
Okay, well read my entry called Care Bear if you haven't already done so and then come back here for a second serving of shite.
Let's continue: we had a little bit of a fallout from that interview.
Needless to say we, the Thursday Breakfast team, were all reeling from the shock of that horrendous interview in the first place.
But apparently we got a complaint call. Yes, somebody rang up and said it was awful. Fair enough (people are actually listening... weird...).
Consequently, we received a speaking to from one of the coordinators of 3CR. And rightly so.
Did you ever see Bitter Moon? It's perhaps Roman Polanski's
worst film - and he's done some right stinkers.
It stars Peter Coyote as a sexually humiliated idiot...


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