Tuesday, March 21, 2006

mind the hajib

So I was walking down the street the other day with my flatmate, Aamer, and his workmate, a woman.
If you haven't noticed, Aamer is not an anglo-celtic name.
Yes indeed, I was walking down the road with my flatmate who is a Muslim and a workmate of his who is also a Muslim ... let's call her ... Amanda (yes, not all Muslims in Australia have Middle Eastern names as not all Muslims come from the Middle East or have a heritage that lies there).
She wears a hajib like the one depicted on the side here. Except her eyes don't look as freaky as this model's do.
Anyway, I was walking through Melbourne's CBD with the hajib (or hijab) wearing Amanda and my flatmate and then an eighteen or so year old man seemingly muttered something directed at Amanda.

Now Amanda didn't hear what he said but the fact that there is doubt as to whether or not what he did say was directed at her suggests that she has plenty of experience with this unfortunately not so random kind of abuse from so-called average everyday people.
But it gets worse.
Later that day, just as she left work, Amanda was accosted by another man who called her a bitch.
This wasn't a man she knew. This wasn't anyone at all in particular. This was just some racist fuckface who decided for whoever knows what reasons that it would be appropriate for him to walk up to a woman he has never seen before and will never see again and abuse her simply because she is clearly a Muslim and wears a hajib. And this kind of behaviour regularly happens to her.
What the fuck is going on?!
So, in what way is Australia not a racist country?
When 5,000 anglo-celtic Australians deem it appropriate to claim the beach at Cronula for white people against middle easterns;

When politicians say in parliament that allowing RU 486 - the abortion pill - to be prescribed in Australia will somehow make us more like a Muslim country;
When the Goverment maintains a mandatory detention policy for refugees;
When our indiginous populations are politically, socially, economically, spiritually and fucking totally disenfranchised if not violated;
When our Prime Minister says that he would never condemn an 'Australian' for wearing an Australian flag with pride (despite the fact that this so-called pride was in the name of hate of non-whites);
When an Australian woman cannot walk down the street wearing costume that clearly identifies her as a Muslim without routinely being verbally abused.
How can we call Australia a tolerant country? Much less alone one that celebrates its diversity.
Crappy Stolenwealth Games opening ceremonies do not qualify as celbrating diversity!
That's just tokenism.

Goddamn I love a sunburnt country...
Ranty rant rants.
On a lighter note, I am now going to go play Mario World III.
Because even ranting ranters need to chill.


At 9:40 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"When 5,000 anglo-celtic Australians deem it appropriate to claim the beach at Cronula"

actually, that's not strickly accurate, there were a goodly number of pacific islanders, asians and other odd-bods, it was a "multicultural" protest.

At 10:14 pm, Blogger Dreck said...

I thought the word 'multicultural' was supposed to indicate a project that sought to promulgate a range of ethnicities and cultures in Australia harmoniously.
No, what happened at Cronula was no multicultural event.
Perhaps I shouldn't have presumed any level of sophisticated reasoning on your behalf and should have said that the protest (for which you can read 'bashing') was led by a bunch of white neo nazis (follow the Fight Dem Back link on the right hand side of this page), sanctioned by the white radio shock jock Alan Jones and far from adequately decried by the white Australian Prime Minister John Howard.
Your seeming attempt to provide some kind of objectivity to my rant is really a thinly veiled attempt to cover up the fact that, generally, I say generally, it is anglo celtic Australians who are the most privileged and powerful ethinicity in Australia and who therefore have a greater ability to incite hatred and violence against our non-white friends and who, more or less, continue to do so with impunity.
Stop splitting hairs and let me get down to criticising the real rot.
And who the hell are you anyway?

At 12:45 pm, Blogger Darrin Hodges said...

I wonder what else hilali says when the media isn't listening?, but I guess being a member of an oppressed minority group means you can get away with inciting rape, since all those anglo-celtic women refuse to wear a burqa and stay in the kitchem, err, I mean their bedrooms to avoid disaster.

At 8:53 pm, Blogger Dreck said...

I don't approve of what Hilaly said any more than I approve of what you've written. I think they're both similarly reprehensible.
And why are you commenting about Hilaly on a post about Cronulla? I don't see the connection. One issue is about a bunch of people (predominantly, but not solely, consisting of 'white' Australians) protesting the existence of Middle Easterns on a beach (the beating of a life guard was just a catalyst for underlying bigotry) and the other is about the oppresive victim blaming attitude of the Mufti of Australia who was mercilessly beaten up in the press, which only served to further damage the reputation of Australian Muslims at a time when Middle Eastern communities in Australia clearly need all the support they can get given current affairs in world politics.
Your assertions above only make sense to me if you just don't like Muslims, or at least know nothing about Islam.
Islam is a vibrant and living faith, which has as many interpretations as it has followers. Hmmm... Just like any other religion. If you knew anything about Islam, then you'd know that Hilaly's opinions are far from shared by every Muslim.
When will people like you learn that it's racist to tar a whole community with the one brush? That's it's racist to consider the opinions of one leader as representative of a whole people.
If you applied that logic to Australia as a nation, then we'd all be racist, sexist, ignorant and conservative fucks, given who our Prime Minister is.
And on a final note, Hilaly wasn't inciting rape. Get your facts straight.


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