Saturday, April 15, 2006

montezuma falls

I've spent six months of my life living on the beautiful, wild, rugged, stark west coast of Tasmania.
It was an amazing time. I was a social worker doing youth, mental health, alcohol and other drugs and community development interventions. Which provided me with many amazing experiences and privileges.
In between all that, I went sight seeing and this picture here
(which I took and which does no justice whatsoever to the falls) is one of those amazing sights.
Montezuma Falls is a ten minute drive and forty minute walk from Rosebery. It's Tasmania's tallest falls, standing at 104 metres in height. To get there you have to drive through an invisible ghost town called Williamsford and then walk along an old and disused trainline that used to link a mine to the town of Williamsford (the west coast having been settled for mining reasons) through verdant rainforest evocative of Middle Earth.
The day I walked to the falls it was pouring with beautiful, soft rain, which cast a kind of washed out pall to the whole experience and provided a crisp, clean, earthy smell too. The falls was flowing really strong and standing at its base was an amazing rush due to the sheer force of all the water falling down. Really rejuvenating. There's a one person footbridge there too. That's where this photo is taken from. And when I say one person, I mean the footbridge can only hold one person and their backpack at a time. It's a bit of a thrill crossing it as it's only twenty centimetres wide - at best - at its base.
The little person you can see in the photo is the adorable, amazing and sexy, sexy woman, Karen, who was also a youth worker at the agency at which I worked.
So much beauty all around.
Thanks to Leigh for compiling the two photos to make this a seamless panoramic shot. The photos were taken with Dad's old Pentax SLR 'Spotmatic F'.


At 10:54 pm, Blogger Tom said...

What a good experience living there must be. Beautiful country. Great photo also.

Thanks for the comment earlier...


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