Thursday, November 02, 2006

je suis un revolutionnaire

Why do I shy away from the use of the word revolution?
What is it about the word that makes me think 'reactionary high school wanker'?

Is it because I have a narrow understanding of what revolution is? Okay then, so what do I want revolution to mean? How do I frame it up in what I do? And why do I write these things instead of getting the eight hours per night sleep I so desperately need? And why do I still wank in the shower? But I digress.
I believe that our society will crumble and not just from the inherent shortcomings of capitalism, but, in part, from the effects of these shortcomings. But that's a bit like saying that, eventually after it has rained the sun will shine.
Clouds are blown across the sky by the wind and maybe even deplete themselves in the process of watering the Earth but the sun was always shining behind them and the clouds obviously aren't responisible for that. Perhaps a non sequitur but it furnishes the point well enough in my sleep deprived state.
As with the clouds and the sun, so too is it with capitalism and anarchism. Anarchism itself will not incite revolution, if we understand revolution as radical change from one system to a more or less completely different one. But anarchism will still be there at the downfall of capitalism and will contribute it's two cent's worth into the bargain. The point is to point to a prefered future, a vision for how I believe society should be structured and to work towards that
distant point. To place myself in the struggle to make that vision a reality. Practicing certain principles and theories is a part of this process, because theory once enacted is physical (it is not theory if it is not enacted), is part of the material reality. The cars we drive and the houses we inhabit are a part of captialism and consumerism in a society dominated by these two theoretical realities.
So I am a radical, revolutionary anarchist.
I won't destroy capitalism but I am part of the rapidly growing movement away from it and towards a society that values each of its members (we're talking the whole fucking thing: animals plants, yada yada), their autonomy, their dignity, their preciousness, their uniqueness, their contributions, their choices. As long as those choices are predicated on similar principles. If not, they can do their own
stupid thing somewhere else, I suppose.
That last bit is stupid...
Fuck it.
In the immortal words of Monty Python: "Je suis un revolutionnaire!"
And in the terrible words of some James Bond villain: "La bombe suprise."
I fear these words will come back to haunt me.
Am I seditious?
Lucky I'm not spraying my vitriol over the airwaves anymore, otherwise I'd continue to be ignored!
This is the last time I'll express high school wanker political opinions on my blog.

Another lie.


At 9:50 am, Blogger Din said...

I shy away from the use of the word revolution too ... probably because it has been abused far too many times by marxists and even narrow-minded sectarian anarchists. It's like a tarnished stain now.

At 10:51 am, Blogger Dave Pullen said...

I avoid terms such as "revolutionary" and "anarchy" so as not to look like I'm trying to "pickup chicks". Mainly due to a guy at college who used these terms as weapons with which he could de-pant young girls with.

At 12:20 pm, Blogger Dreck said...

Yes, well we both know who you're talking about there.
But saying that you don't want to get involved in politics because a lot of wankers do is a bit like saying you don't want to play Magic: The Gathering because a lot of sad and lonely middleaged men pla... Oh... Hang on...
But seriously! You're commiting an argumentum ad hominem, an appeal to the person. You're discrediting a whole movement on the basis of one wanker you know being involved in it, rather than on the merits of its theory and its effects.
This is also known as commiting a fallacy.
I think you'd do well to think of other, better reasons to avoid anarchism.
I can. But they don't keep me from getting involved. (Living in Melbourne helps, too.)


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