Sunday, November 26, 2006

state (s)election

Just some rambling thoughts:
It was Victoria's state election yesterday and the Bracks Labor government won fyi, in case you hadn't heard and/or don't care much for Victorian politics.
It's strange. For several years I lived in denial and stubbornly voted for Labor despite the evidence to the contrary that, yes, they are just like the Liberal Party.
I then decided to vote Green, which I kinda thought was like a wasted vote.
Don't get me wrong, as far as political parties go I like the Greens. They're sincere. It's really quite strange. But voting for the Greens was, for me, effectively a way of saying, "I don't want to vote."

But what's the point in voting? Representative Democracy is a broken method of Government. The politicians voted in do not truly represent the people! Nor could they possibly ever do so. How could privileged people, bred to rule, living in luxury, ever know what life is like for a vast majority of the population? More importantly, Governments are in thrall with big business and are dictated to by them. etc. etc.
My belief is that Participatory Democracy is a far more favourable method of organisation. My fear is that the word 'organisation' here is code for government. It isn't necessarily, but it could be.
The other fear is that most people wouldn't be up for the changes that participatory democracy would demand. I think something at some later stage will force our hands. Need to prepare now...
Anyway, people talk about donkey voting in our compulsory voting system as a way of evading fines for not voting but this doesn't really accomplish much if you follow the link and read the definition of donkey voting (you should click on the link because it's interesting and the acrimonious tone of the discussion about people who buck the vote is quite amusing). But, if in future you really want to piss people off (which I'm not saying you do) then (illegally) sneak your ballot paper out of the polling station. This really fucks up the scrutineers et al who have to count all the ballots and search for the 'missing' one. This is duly noted. Hopefully stats are kept on the number of 'missing' ballots. Maybe it's occurred to someone that people are intentionally messing up the 'democratic' process, even in some little way.
Not that I'm endorsing this...


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