Sunday, June 24, 2007

private dick

Pictured is this week's cover of MCV, Melbourne Community Voice, a local fag rag due out Thursday.
My boyfriend did the design stuff. His friend Queenie, took the photo. Our friend Tom, provided the clothes. And who's that model, so hot right now? That'd be me. Uh, yeah, um, posing and looking pretty has to be the easiest activity on the planet.
I don't really look like a PI/gumshoe detective... Who cares! I'm on the cover of a magazine that has a fairly wide distro and that, thanks to it's new editor Richard Watts, is finally shaping up to be a quality free street press mag with important and worthwhile articles that are not just about young, middle class gay men's concerns and interests.
now playing on high rotation: nine inch nails - god given / the greater good
(finally, in year zero, trent's come out with a really good album. think he's been listening to autechre. and satie.)

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