Sunday, March 02, 2008

time lapses

Yes it does.

The above clip, Unsquare Toronto, was created by Lone Primate on a Rebel XT camera. Fabulous! You can check out his blog, City in the trees, here (it's also linked to the right).
The below clip is a fan made filmclip for the first Autechre song I ever heard (and one of my all time favourite autechre tunes), Eutow. It's been love ever since.
Enjoy them both.

now playing: tom waits - sixteen shells from a thirty ought six

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At 10:49 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment...I was just fooling around and found the bit where it shows how many hits your blog has... I mean blogs are kinda like throwing a few bits of paper into a hurricane...Its pure luck and chance if anyone gets them in the end...
Hope life is treating you well.
I still think you should write that book...
X Lego


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