Saturday, July 07, 2007

how the mighty fall

I was having a little self care/flash back session tonight as I lay on my couch and cranked the volume up to Leo Anibaldi's Void.
Void was one of those albums back in the 90's ("back in the 90's"?) that really captured my attention every time I played it, taking me on a trip. I had that mild synaesthesia people get when listening to wonderfully evocative music. In other words, I really felt the music. The emotion and the movement of the music moved me physically. It kind of invaded my consciousness and blocked out everything else. I was completely there with the music. Inside it. I love that.
Anyway, so I was listening to Void and reflecting on the fact that I have no idea who this Anibaldi guy is, so I resolved to wikipedia and google him. What I discovered disappointed me. He plays breaks and house in Rome. Breaks and house in Rome! Who fucking cares!?
Compare the stark and chilling blue noise that has eerie pan pipes and low frequency oscillating bass lines set to the rhythmic rumbling of train carriages sweeping past your ears, the sparse jangling gamelan of evocation and the insistent pulsing and tense techno from somewhere random with epos 52 to the shit sounding shit on his myspace page.
Oh well.
The picture above is of a comedian called Marty Feldman, who apparently died in a hotel room in Mexico City of a heart attack caused by poisoned shellfish. He worked with Monty Python on occasion. The picture is taken from his role as Igor in Mel Brook's classic Young Frankenstein. No doubt an utter masterpiece compared to Young Einstein. I was going to use Marty as my profile photo but I thought it's not nice to make fun of the dead so I decided against it.
Yes, I agree; this is kind of a nothing post.
To improve it's quality I'll add this last bit: Beat Butcha (whose myspace page is linked to this page above and to the right) makes good techno-y stuff and has recently added a new tune to his page. Check it out. It's mighty fine.
now playing: fennesz and sakamoto - abyss

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