Wednesday, September 19, 2007

dead eyes opened

Er, yes. This is another youtube post.
But an interesting one.
Below are three film clips from Severed Heads.
The first one is the original Dead Eyes Opened from 1983. It's really lo-fi and great. I like the dancers.

The second one is the original film clip from the 1994 reopened version of dead eyes opened. Apparently the ABC didn't approve of this version because it featured nudity and stroboscopic effects. How things change. But my sieve-like memory prefers the version I saw early one morning on Rage thirteen years ago.

The final clip below came out two years ago and was screened at an Australian sound-arts festival called Liquid Architecture. The track is called December 13. Gosh, it's all round pretty.

Eleven years separate each of the film clips successively. A lot can happen in eleven years.
Tom Ellard, who is Severed Heads, makes his own film clips too.
Pretty talented.
It gets better because he's updated his website with free new stuff to download (Op3) and clips ranging from the amazing (lives of the saints) to the funny ha ha (turd polish suite) live glitch clips.
Really pretty talented.

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