Saturday, July 28, 2007

boycott i+q

For what it's worth, I recommend not going to (Queer and Alternative) Q+A's lowly successor, I+Q (Independent and Queer), also held at A Bar Called Barry every Thursday night.
It bears absolutely no resemblance to Q+A: the music is shit and the clientele are even more southside.
But it gets worse:
I saw the aftermath of a young lesbian punk having her head split open whilst forcefully being evicted from the venue by reckless bouncers for the seeming slight of bearing her breasts, just two nights ago. Hardly deserving of the pain and a face full of blood.
Seems like if you're having too much fun at the venue and not consuming enough alcohol to anaesthetise yourself from the pain of being assaulted by top forty dance music (so 'independent') and soulless homogeneity then you're going to get the royal treatment.
That and if you're a working class and/or punk lesbian.
So there are increasingly fewer venues for queer women to feel free to express their sexuality, what with The Peel being able to discriminate against women and I+Q treating lesbian punks like they do.
It's time to make a new night in a new venue that really is queer and really is an alternative to this shit.
Says I...
I got respect for all kinds of queers and a laptop with plenty of good tunes. Anyone got a venue for me?
now playing: severed heads - dead eyes opened (original)

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At 10:28 am, Blogger g-man said...

Jesus-H-Christ! Haven't been to proverbial wolf in sheeps clothing as yet and seems I'll be avoiding it in the future. Yeah lesbians are really getting the tough end of the homo stick, fucking McFeely (*hock-and-spit*). Anyway if you interested in dj-ing, Tim's got a new night that's just started up at the glasshouse, contact him:

At 3:45 pm, Blogger richardwatts said...

Jesus H Christ. That's even more reason for me not to go...

At 1:36 am, Blogger Dreck said...

Ah yes! Does Disco Attack offer a violence free alternative?
Might check it out and then ask for dj gig if I like what I see.
Having said that, I'm increasingly less interested in going out.
Or maybe that's just a short term phase I'm going through right now...

At 9:09 pm, Blogger Stark1974 said...

you've certainly hit the nail on the head of the oppressed lesbian 'minority' there dreck! went to the glassy myself recently to check it out and find i'm intrigued... will have to see how it evolves.


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