Sunday, July 15, 2007

more generative 'art' and mistaken identities

...but not generic!
Follow this link for similar unfolding art coolness.
I was directed to the above website by - 'a directory of wonderful
things' for this little gem.
The idea of generative pastiches of famous artists' oeuvres is quite a good one, even if the execution is a little bit naf. I suppose that's the point to a lot of art these days: the concept. It's nice when a concept and aesthetics coincide in that happy place called quality.
I'm with Deleuze and Guattari when they say that the point of art is to evoke feelings ('affects' - although affects are more than just feelings) in people that then foster changed and changing perceptions/understandings. And so on...
Geez, you can tell I have very little to say right now.
I'm listening to what may be Richard D James' (aka Aphex Twin and AFX) latest offering.
There's some mystery surrounding it, however. The Rephlex published ep I bought is by The Tuss and it's called Rushup Edge (Rephlex is a label that was part-established by Richard
James back in 1991, btw).
The scant ep info also states that it was produced by Karen Tregaskin, which is weird because Brian Tregaskin is credited as being The Tuss and has a myspace page of his own. All of the playable tracks on The Tuss' and Brian Tregaskin's myspace pages only sound like AFX's latest Analord releases except worse and not enough to sound like they really are written by Richard James himself. Which is also strange because Rushup Edge sounds a lot like more those aforementioned recent AFX releases - only better.
But it gets weirder because a recent article from The Guardian that speculates on the identity of Brian/Karen Tregaskin, states that one of the synths used in the ep is a Yamaha GX-1, which is a massive, extremely expensive, old and rare synth of which only seven were made back in 1973. And Richard James owns one. Although on his myspace questions and answers page, Brian Tregaskin refutes that he uses a GX-1.
He also claims that the track titles of the 'leaked' Rushup Edge ep that were downloadable from SLSK before the ep's official release (and how does that happen? I'm suspicious...) are false. Certainly, my copy of the ep doesn't contain any track titles. Further, the Rephlex homepage states that the release is an album and not an ep. But my copy only contains six tracks and runs a total of 32mins48secs. What's going on?
By the sound of the music, its pretty obvious that Rushup Edge is a Richard James written album, so all of this must be some kind of marketing ploy or game that Richard James is playing with his adoring.
If it turns out that The Tuss really isn't Aphex Twin, I'd have said that Richard James has a usurper on his hands if it weren't for the fact that, despite the blandness of the Analord releases, he's been a brilliant composer and producer for the last twenty plus years. But that's testament to the quality of The Tuss. It's pretty good! I like tunes in music. Tunes are good. Not enough tunes these days...
now playing: the tuss - shiz ko e

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At 4:33 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tuss Fuss along with the Puss and a new Tregaskin family member "Bruce" and a white calf :S


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