Monday, November 12, 2007


A friend of mine directed me to a really good blog which lets you download good music.
It's at nodatta. and everyday there's a downloadable album or a single or two posted of the kinds of genres of music I really get in to.
It's got me thinking about piracy a bit and how much fun it is. But more than fun, sharing culture is also fair and reasonable. As we all know, information and culture want to be free. I don't know how Metallica or Dr Dre can sleep at night, shutting down Napster. Or Sony justify their intensive insistence on digital rights management (going so far as to devise anti-copyright infringement media that will fuck up your stereo).
Yep, I'm definitely down with the anti-copyright guys.
If you don't like breaking the law but like the sound of free 8 and 16-bit music, then check out Cicada. Fucking awesome! Total computer love.
Thanks to Chris Lego for the pic.
now playing: cicada - earth's assault on the central ai

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