Monday, January 22, 2007

queer doings

In a strange fit of passion, my boyfriend started doodling over and around my tattoo and these pictures show the results.
Seriously, I am going to recommence blogging about more interesting things
really soon. I promise. Things that don't necessarily refer to my mundane existence. Not directly.
Such as the publication in the Herald Scum (hard copy 19/01/07) of the faces of people wanted for questioning about last November's Anti-G20 protests. In particular, the HS has pictures of twenty-eight people, each with the caption, 'Person of Interest', however the heading of the article is, 'Do you recognise them?'.
It's appalling that we live in a society in which people who exercised their right to protest are wholesale condemned and then some individually later displayed in the most popular rag in the state in the expectation that readers will report identifying information to the Herald Scum or to Crime Stoppers.
This news article comes very close to casting these people as villians, particularly given the extent to which the Herald Scum fatuously decried the protests late last year and is an attack on these peoples' right to privacy and the presumption of innocence.
But then it's not surprising that this commercial rag would do its best to vilify those who stand in opposition to it, which itself is something that goes against what were once guiding principles of mainstream journalism: open, honest, rigorous, dispassionate and democratic reporting of events.
Just as well I'm not in the journalism business...

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