Thursday, February 08, 2007

ticket goons

Let me tell you a little story about what happened to me today when I unintentionally insulted one of the lesser life forms that inhibits our planet.
It's just a little story.
I was walking up Bourke St with a friend when we had to avoid stepping in a large pack of Connex ticket goons (they're smelly and stick to the shoes). My friend commented on their perniciousness and I said, 'Yeah and they're allowed to make arrests on our streets, we're in their jurisdiction right now, which completely sux.' As I was finishing my fair and accurate statement, I looked up as an especially pustulent example of a ticket goon crossed my path and she said to me,
'You suck too.'
I thought that was particularly unfair. I was talking about an objective state of affairs in the world and she in return made a slur against me as a person.
I should have asked for her name and reported her. Not that that would have accomplished much.
Unlike this blog entry, which is going to change the world...
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