Sunday, April 17, 2005

What's My Schtick?

Noticed 'popular' musicians these days don't actually make music?
I mean, what's more important, that is, their primary focus, their core business, is the emission (transmission?) of certain styles, cultures, connotations, intensities and whatnot.
I shall elaborate with an example:
The Spazzys.
Three chicks who can semi-play their guitars and assorted instruments and who don't really try to sound like anything in particular.
What they can do for you, however, is expand your wow-power with friends and family for being so remarkably cool and on the ball with what's hip and happening now.
Because this is what they trade in.
It's called attitude. The sounds they make are secondary to the appeal they can provide you.
What am I trying to say?
Music ain't music no more.
It's flows of intensities that we connect with and proliferate via appropriation, absorption and retransmission. Like The AIDS.
Obviously, there are particular flows that go further than others (depending on the context).
And as always, there's nothing new in any of this.
It's the schtick factor that counts most. What am I buying into by endorsing this product? What attitude, style and so on? Mostly pre-reflectively, too. It's not actually trade or exchange of symbols.
It's infection, or dissemination or pollination, de/reterritorialisation.
It's part of life processes, it's biological, physical and all that.
Finally, I'm not actually making any value statements!
For once...