Tuesday, October 31, 2006

you have to want it

I'm blogging at an oddly honest moment.
"Tonight is a special night," say Tricky and the Gravediggaz.
I usually try to blog about interesting things and avoid the introspective mushy shit but tonight I want to indulge myself a little bit.
Just a bit.
I am tossed about on waves of doubt.
Get over it!
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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

when poetry ain't poetry

Jesus! It's been almost a month since I last blogged my run amok blog.
I have another not so secret blog, if only you can find it...
Anyway, a lot to say.
One of the most troubling things, and exhilirating, I've experienced recently was when I attended a poetry reading session with my friend Sean, who amongst many other things, is a poet from Northern Ireland.
We had to endure about two hours of bush ballads, 'tantric priestess' poetry (sic) and longwinded pseudo Nordic sagas about Icelords and Centaurs orated by a bushy geek from darkest Cybermumsshackbecauseimtoolackinginsocialskillstomakemyown
wayintherealtimeuniverse. It's a place in Wales if you haven't heard of it. I mean seriously, this guy went on for ages and then was lent a second helping. It was truly painful. His female companion was wearing a t-shirt that said, 'jos whedon is my master now'. She wishes. Then I met this young alcoholic guy I'm sure I've met somewhere before and not because he reminds me another guy I know from Tasmania. People desperately seeking authenticity... Problematic... I arrogantly feel sorry for them. It's not the feelings that count but what you do with them, how they're manifested. So I'm okay for now/
Anyway, his friend was faintly reminiscent too. Turns out he works in a workplace at my work. It's a strange world, Jeffrey.
Finally my mate got up and did his thing, and fuck, he does it well. His poetry is like riffing for a good five or so minutes and he spins narratives that speak of 'the real'! Ha! What bullshit. What is 'the real'? Fuck off.
His poetry was funny, vibrant and vital and he received appreciative laughs and applause all throughout his recital. Utterly unpretentious and totally effective and lyrical for all that. Inspirational too.
On a different note, I got to, ahem, dj (sic) for just a moment at a daggy disco that was held at a new squat in Coburg run by a bunch of anarcho's. It was a great night. Black Star Sound System provided the sound as usual and gosh they do it well. Everyone had a great time but for some reason there wasn't much self congratulations from the guys who ran the show. Strange.
So I've got this great dj mixer on my laptop and I'm going to learn the skills and use my great taste in muzak and extensive muzak collection to devestating effect. Oh yes. And then they'll rue the day they ever mocked me, oh yes.
Time for bed.
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