Friday, July 01, 2005

"You're a Gentleman"

I went to see War of the Worlds at the Jam Factory last night with my boyfriend.
It's actually a really good spectacle (not so strong on the narrative).
Anyway, no sooner were we about to leave Flinders Street Station seated comfortably on a train on the return trip, slightly weirded out by the movie (people get brutally vapourised! Imagine if the Martians attacked Clubland Prahan: people'd spontaneously combust from a combination of Martian induced ozone in the air and the amount of product in clubbers' hair. The Martians would have an even easier time of it! Ecstasied hipsters and hipstettes would run to them with open and loving arms only to be mowed down by energy beams! I'd pay to see that too!), as I was saying before I interrupted myself, weirded out by the movie, than a completely and utterly fucking drunk guy, brandishing a bottle of Beam sat down near us and started talking to us - as best he could.
His words were incredibly slurred and he was sweaty and burping heaps, which means that he was liable to spew. And profusely...
I dunno... I think I'm a magnet for people in need or whatever.
Anyway, talking to this guy, which involved dodging vomit as it turned out (he got some on himself, too. And his fly was open...), was rather a saddening affair. He was feeling suicidal ("I'm not going to make it through the next two days") and had managed to polish off most of the large bottle of Beam and was brandishing a scoob of "really good shit" that he kept threatening to light. And he claimed to have some eccies on him too.
He was generally not a happy chappy.
We were really concerned about him. He was in a really bad way.
I wonder where he slept last night.
By the state of him, I doubt he could have made it home without a lot of difficulty.
Why did I talk to him?
He said I showed him respect, but it's just as likely that someone in the same state as him would say that I was being condescending.
Public Transport - it's the only way to travel! See the sights and sounds of this great town of ours (cue vomit sound effect)!