Saturday, June 04, 2005

Radicool Radio

Currently, I'm volunteering at 3CR Radio: Melbourne's radical community radio station since 1970-something.
I work on reception and field enquiries over the phone, directing them to appropriate people.
The work is a good no-brainer and it's interesting to see what the radio station does.
The two highlights, as far as radio programs go, are 'Keep Left', a diehard Marxistic (somewhat anachronistic?) talk program about worker's stuff in Australia and a general slag-off of all things Bush and Howard.
The other program I'm thinking of right now is Marngrook Footy Program, a program about indiginous footy players (AFL/VFL) as well as footy in general.
The other day, I was volunteering and got an amusing abusive call.

This guy at 9:05 in the morning sounded like he was raging drunk and started shouting in my ear about lefty students who don't know what they are talking about, slagging off the moral majority.
I let him down gently - I hung up on him without a word.
Better treatment than he deserved! It's all part of the fun and games.
I'm writing up 15 hours a week of volunteer work at 3CR radio in order to get out of doing real mutual obligation (read: mutual masturbation that involves humiliating and inappropriate volunteering - though only the Government gets off) to receive dole payments.
Dog bless radicool radio!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Why My Blog Sux

I suddenly realised the other day why I don't like my blog. In fact, more so, why my blog SUX!
I was looking at other people's and basically a blog is a bit of a diary that you share with the anonymous public, the they.
Consequently, blogs are kinda boring and bullshitty with notable exceptions here and there.
My blog, on the other hand, is painfully sincere and way too serious and full of shit: the kinda thing I'll be embarrassed to admit exists by this time next week, no doubt.
So I'm glad you're not reading it.
I'm gonna keep writing though...
And hopefully more frequently.
If it's complete bullshit then it'll be good compost for cyberspace.
Go synthesisers!