Monday, December 05, 2005

Joy Hester
Why is it that people laugh when I tell them I have news they won't like (I know why but I still think it's strange)?
My whole life I've felt in transit. I suppose that's because it's transient.
Life, that is.
I feel a bit like her above,
the weight of knowledge bearing down on me.
Other people's knowledge...
but still sitting there smiling. Secretly happy.
Here's the late news with Judy Benson:
I just destroyed my laptop by dropping it. Possibly fixable but useless right now, which is when I need it.
Gotta get this presentation done by Friday morning. I want to impress people I've never met at Monash University on Friday morning. As you do.
And I've got a lot to do between now and then.
And I have a long way to go with writing the presentation.
And I feel stressed.
And I won't be able to play Doom 2 anymore. That's the real loss in all of this.
Only got halfway through on the Ultra Violence setting...
My next entry will be more positive.